Laney Linebacker LR20 Combo

Laney Linebacker LR20 Combo
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Laney Linebacker LR20 Combo

A simple, logical interface allows any player to operate the LR20 quickly and easily
– much like a conventional amplifier. However the digital technology behind the
scenes provides an array of benefits.

The LR20 offers a choice of 22 amp models. Divided into 2 foot-switchable
channels of 11 amps on each, tone choices progress from pure clean to crunch to
high gain and are voiced to replicate some classic tones. Contour and Presence
rotary controls provide further tonal shaping for each amp.

The high quality on-board digital effects are laid out in two logical sections:
Modulation FX (including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo) and Delay FX
(Digital Delay and Reverb). Both sections can be set independently and also used

A headphone socket, an Aux in for playback and an on-board tuner make this an
ideal great amplifier for practice.

When you select an amp model it not only includes the amps gain characteristics
but also a full set of custom EQ within the model. EQ adjustments made via the
rotary controls are also recalled when switching between channels and amp
modes without the need to readjust.

The same rule applies to the digital effects – once you have dialed in your choice
of effects for the amp tone selected, everything is saved and recalled
automatically the next time you dial that tone in again.

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